Georges Picard

Georges Picard

(1857 - )



Georges Picard was born on 23rd December 1857 in Paris. He studied under Gerome and was also the protégé of the artist Albert Besnard. For many years, he exhibited at the Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts and was also its Treasurer.


Picard was commissioned to paint murals for the Casino at Monte Carlo, the French Embassy at Vienna, the Petit-Palais in Paris and most important of all, the Hotel de Ville in Paris.


The latter commission was in 1891 for the sum of 120,000 F a not inconsiderable sum. He was commissioned to decorate the Lobau Gallery, which directly links the two entrance rooms. This most important work was in the making from 1892- 1898 and Picard painted the cupolas, pendants and the vertical panels for this Salon. The subject of these aforementioned murals was to trace the successive stages of humanity's spirit in its quest for the better life culminating in the birth of Paris , a light to guide its way. It was to be the embodiment of the Era, of progress and the glory of the city.


Picard painted in oil and pastel and particularly favoured paintings of children, flowers, orchards and nudes. Picard's work was well received and appreciated for its harmony of colour and vitality of line.


As an illustrator Picard illustrated, 'Sigurd' and the Fairy Tales of Perrault.



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