Albert-Tibulle Furcy de Lavault

Albert-Tibulle Furcy De Lavault



Furcy de Lavault was born at Saint-Genis (Charente-Maritime).


From 1882-1913, he was Curator of the Musée de la Rochelle. From 1880, Furcy de Lavault exhibited at the Paris Salon, the Dijon Salon and the Poitiers Salon. In 1888, Lavault won an award of excellence for his work exhibited at the Paris Salon of that year.


A member of the Societie des Amis des Arts de la Rochelle Lavault also took part in a number of exhibitions there and at affiliated Salons; Bordeaux 1878, Pau 1882 to 1884, Lyon 1886 and from 1891 to 1896 at Nantes. Lavault also exhibited at Tours, Rochefort, and the International Exhibition at Nantes and of course at La Rochelle.


In 1897 Lavault was designated by the Minister of Fine Arts to be a member of the Commission for Retrospective Exhibitions of Fine Art at the World Fair of 1900.


Lavault was a fine painter of landscapes, still lifes and above all, flowers. The Museum of La Rochelle has many examples of his work.







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