Jacqueline Marval

Jacqueline Marval (1866-1932)


Jacqueline Marval was the pseudonym for Marie Josephine Vallet, a French painter, lithographer, and sculptor.


Vallet's first works were rejected from the 1900 Salon des Indépendants, but she succeeded in having a dozen paintings shown in that exhibition the following year, under the pseudonym of Jacqueline Marval.


In 1902, several of her paintings were displayed alongside works by Flandrin, Albert Marquet, and Henri Matisse in a gallery in Rue Victor-Massé curated by Berthe Weill, who was particularly interested in promoting the works of female artists living in Paris.


Beginning in 1923, Marval was active in favor of the creation of modern art museums in Paris and Grenoble. She died in Paris in 1932; after her death, her works were held in the galerie Druet before it was closed in 1938 and they were sold.