Adolphe-Louis Castex-Degrange

Adolphe-Louis Castex-Degrange

(1840 -1918)


Castex-Dégrange was born at Marseilles on 23 May 1840. 

In 1853, he went to Lyon where he entered the Academy of Fine Arts as a pupil of Vibert and then Reignier and studied in the Classe de Fleur.


Castex-Dégrange was initially a designer of fabrics and made his debut at the Salon de Lyon in 1867 with a gouache still life.


From 1870 Castex-Dégrange exhibited still lives at the Paris Salon . In 1874, Castex-Dégrange settled in Paris and for three years painted and designed for ceramics but in 1884 returned to Lyon where he succeeded Reignier as a Professeur at the Academy of Fine Art. Castex-Dégrange directed the Classe de Fleurs and Fabric Design until his death in 1918.


 Noted Works:

Buisson de Roses trémières          Lyon Salon 1872

Buisson de Roses                Lyon and Paris Salon 1876

L'eventaire de la bouquetiere         Paris Salon 1877

Avant la marché                   Paris Salon




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